presented by LOVESPOT

What started out as a casual conversation back in October during the national holiday 
I had asked Li Lun from lovespot about his choice of the graphical tile design for his pop up drink stand and that was the beginning for what this Subway project had evolved into, from my curiosity and appreciation for tiled patterns.

The lovespot drink stand from the Grandmasters event during the October holidays at Aranya, Hebei 2023.

From living in Beijing, I had used the Subway throughout the years, especially during the early years so Line 2 had always had a special place in my heart. Subconsciously I had noticed some line 2 stations housed some really elaborate tiled art murals and I decided to take a few photos and show Lun what they could be like if we were to create some new board graphics with it.

The tile murals found in the subway stations, Beijing 2023.

Getting our friends together to some skate spots all connected with the Line 2 Subway route, Beijing 2023

The Subway board graphics, Beijing 2023

some of the images I had shot for the LOOP exhibition during December 2023 in
presented at Parkview Green, Beijing.

The final set up for the exhibition space in Parkview Green.

The set up for this exhibition was quite an ambitious undertaking
but we pushed through and managed to fit out the space in time for the opening with a lot of help from our friends who had come to support us with getting everything ready to be installed.

some of my works on presented at the space, the subway print I had divided it into 2 parts to better fill out the space since it was blown up into a 2.4m x 1.8m print.

the premiere of the short film “Loop” brought out a lot of skaters from the city to show us all some love.

It was really beautiful to see so many people came out, despite the harsh cold winter evening which made the event even more memorable and intimate.

Overall, the project was a really surreal experience and to be able to share a slice of our life in Beijing to a wider audience who would visit Parkview Green also made the show more special. With a casual conversation about tiles became a snapshot of our friends and our relationship with the subway loop line built on the older side of Beijing. The humble infrastructure enables many people to get around easily, for us to discover spots on our boards and enjoy the wide expanse of the city.