Feb 2024

A couple of still life of the new cap designs by the Lovespot collective. 
The 2 cap styles modelled by Tommy, shot by the hutongs in central Beijing.

Interesting Crew Board documentation
Jan 2024

The West Beijing homies from the Interesting crew made some new board graphics and we went out to film a few clips with graffiti artists KTS WRECK and Totem DongBay under a scenic bridge spot.  I shot some  120 film on the RZ67 capturing some in between moments with the boys.

Personal Encounters (work in progress)
Jan 2024 (on going)

A series of images that reflect some of my encounters from my time living in Beijing.

Beijing Loop
Dec 2023

The  Beijing Loop exhibition
was presented by Lovespot in Parkview Green Beijing. I had shot some photos documenting the atmosphere and friends fin

ding some old and new spots connected via the Subway line 2 route, along with 5 board graphics co-created with Lovespot.  

Jerry had been very kind to help me photographed some of my photos on display at the exhibition space.

Interior shot by Jerry Zhu

HONG KONG work in progress
Nov 2023

Accompanying filmmaker Nanking Joe and photographer Owen Yu capturing the happenings around HK with a few skaters from the Carhartt WIP China team. There were lots of spots and busts around town but overall there were many high times filled with laughs over the 3 days and nights. 



PUSHFEST Shanghai 
Oct 2023

Push Fest is a celebration of skateboarding with a showcase of short films and photography with contributors from all around the world. 
The Shanghai Converse skate team wanted to introduce the local scene to some of the Taipei and Seoul CONS riders who were in town for the festival. I documented some of the moments with the guys around the Shanghai BinJiang promenade spots during the day before the film festival. Special thanks to Converse Shanghai for arranging the logistics and Push Agency for hosting the event.



ANAR Football Club “Soccer Arena”
Oct 2023

A documentation of the two day exhibition space set up by ANAR football club out in Aranya, Qinghuangdao China. The event was powered by NIKE and part of the Grandmasters series organised by Avenue and Son.



         Aerial photography by Nico De Rogue

CONS SKATEBOARDING  ZAO造 Documentary Beijing stop
September 2023

As part of the ZAO造 documentary investigating the skate atmosphere of the 4 cities around China, Xi'An, Chengdu, Beijing and Wanning. The skater Xu Ying is the protagonist of the film, sharing his perspective on the current skate culture, as a prelude to his previous CONS documentary 逆 which was shot in 2010 that became a cult classic amongst many Chinese skaters growing up during that period. 

I got to photograph Xu Ying alongside the documentary director Nanking Joe over 2 days in Beijing as part of the film. Lovespot was coincidentally holding an event with unused furniture as an idea of showing anything can be used as an obstacle for skaters who want to have fun with endless possibilities. I had also gotten a glimpse of Xu Ying's private residence and hear his interests outside of skating, which was very illuminating, learning about his enthusiasm with horticulture and surfing.


August 2023

Film maker Billy Starman wanted to do a deep dive into the grassroots culture of Chinese soccer clubs, the project took us to 6 cities (from Yanji, Yinchuan, Qingdao, Chengdu, Yushu and Shanghai) across China meeting local clubs and players seeing them interact with each other on and off the field. The premise of the project held a genuine curiosity of seeing people that make up the culture who continue to play the game with such fervor at all ages.

It was an eye opening experience and it was such a wonderful opportunity to see so many different styles that exist across the country and who contributes to the greater attitude towards soccer on a grassroots level.

The self funded project was partially supported by the sportswear brand An Kao Rau.

August 2023

The pop up space was held at the newly opened space in the BOX Beijing in Chaoyangmen. The pop up was inspired by the memory of scars contributed by skaters and various creatives connected to the LVSP collective. The pop up was powered by Nike.

         The print I had contributed to the pop up event.

which became a unique one of a kind custom printed tee made at the pop up space.

June 2023

LOVESPOT is a skate collective based in Beijing China.

Laifu is a stray cat that became part of the collective from always being around the Dian An Men neighbourhood before he became part of the collective household.

The board was a tribute to the new found member and the shoot was set up very quickly while the sun was crispy and did the portrait of Laifu on the rooftop. I had rephotographed Laifu on a later date when the board was sent back from the wood work shop.



Erik Ellington

Erik Ellington is a professional skateboarder and creative brainchild behind the footwear label Human Recreational Services. Through Li-Ning skateboarding, we were able to get connected and document his travels from Beijing to Shanghai over a few days to see some local spots and get to experience some local cultural flavours. Starting off in Beijing, brainstorming with the footwear design team at Li-Ning HQ and cruising over to central Beijing to see some of the older pockets of the city around the Gulou neighbourhood. Shanghai was jam packed with meeting a lot of locals from the skate community, meeting some fans and skating some local spots.
It was a surreal experience meeting someone I only knew through skate videos when I was a teen to speaking and seeing how Erik is living in the real world today. This was a very special project for me and super thankful to have been able to realise these images.